Wednesday, April 25, 2012

C.Jay & Anna {Engagement}

What's better than an engagement session with a beautiful couple? How about an engagement session part 2! You see, back in November I had the privileged of taking Anna & C.Jay's engagement photos in Old Sacramento. Well... I ended up writing to Anna to see if she would do a favor for me. I was going to be filming an episode of HGTV's House Hunters (crazy, right?!) and they wanted a few clips of me taking photos since they knew I was a photographer. I already knew that Anna & C.Jay were amazing in front of the camera so I called them up seeing if they wouldn't mind being on national television as my models. And you guessed it, they agreed!
It was fun, but definitely not your average engagement session! If I stepped two far to the left I'd run into the camera guy. If I moved too far to the right the sound guy would end up getting the shot, etc etc. Not something I usually have to think about during a shoot, haha! I think I only shot for about 10 minutes and the HGTV crew had got the shots they needed. I have to admit that being filmed WHILE taking photos was a little nerve wracking... but all in all these two were super stars! Thank you Anna & C.Jay!

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