Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alison Parson {Nashville photoshoot}

Alison Parson is a beautiful & talented musician who modeled for us during my internship in Nashville. You should definitely check out her music on her Myspace because it will be playing on the radio sooner than later! I love her voice!

Isn't she stunning! So easy to get gorgeous pictures of this girl :)

Kristen getting the shot! :)

Thank you for being so great Alison! I had so much fun!
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Impromptu Photoshoot

While in Nashville for the internship, the first photoshoot was supposed to be an engagement shoot but due to a misunderstanding it was last-minute rescheduled for the next day.... Soooo, not to waste an afternoon with cameras in hand, we did an impromptu shoot with Kristen, Sarah, and Sarah's good friend Jazz! Fun stuff! Kristen had us laughing our heads off because she pretended to be a stuck up model, fondly known as "Christy". I don't know HOW she managed to keep a straight face, which made it all the more hilarious! All funniness aside, this girl can really work that camera!

Sarah working her magic! :)

We decided to move to a more urban area to meet up with Jazz.
(I am still wondering why this girl doesn't model professionally!!! She's a natural!)

Work it, Sarah, work it!

Aren't these two just too cute?!
I'm so glad we the chance to do this fun, spur of the moment photoshoot!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

"There's nothing you can't do, now you're in Nash-ville"

People have asked how my week in Nashville was and it's been a little tricky to put it into words and summarize in just a few sentences. We learned so much! Not only camera settings & techniques, but we also learned about ourselves, our style, editing & workflow, outsourcing, finances & taxes, and organization just to name a few things! Sarah was like an open book and let us glean all that we could from her years of experience. In the midst of all our learning us girls quickly became friends. I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls to spend the week with! :)

I would like to introduce my beautiful friends who made my week in Nashville a BLAST! Make sure you check out their blogs too! :)

KRISTEN, my fellow Californian, is fabulous!

She has an awesome sarcastic sense of humor which is right up my alley. I loved when we would have 5 minute "sarcastic conversations" about ridiculous things. She had us cracking up all the time at her albino bat impersonation or acting as though she was 'Christy' the stuck-up model (more to come on that).

Not only does she have model/acting/comedic/dancing skills, she is a Fantastic (with a capital F!) photographer! Her business is already growing like crazy and I can't wait to see where she takes things after all that she's learned in Nashville!

MEGAN is just the cutest! And I love her accent :)

She hails from the "U.P." which I learned is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! We also have a mutual love of English Breakfast Tea, yesss!!

This girl is going to be big someday, at only 16 she is getting a huge jump start on her photography career and I am so excited for her! She is going to take the U.P. by storm with her talent! Megs, I would love to see that awesome house of yours someday, I'm super jealous! :)

KAY was awesome to get to know. She has such a sweet, easy going personality and I absolutely LOVE her laugh!

She also makes a delish chicken fettuccine! :) On top of all that good stuff, Kay is an amazing photographer with a great eye!

Kay and her sister have been running a photography business together in Kentucky and I know Kay was excited to go home to share everything she learned with her sis. Kay & Megan, both of you definitely need to come visit Kristen and I out here on the west coast! Intern Reunion trip! Oh and Sarah too of course! :)

Last but not least, the infamous, Sarah Barlow! :)
This girl is amazing, simple. as. that.

It's not your average person who can open up her home to four strangers and then teach them all the tricks of her trade, but this is exactly what she did! Thankfully, we didn't stay strangers for long :)

One of my favorite things about Sarah, aside from her fantastic laugh, is that she makes you feel like she's known you for a long time. Once or twice I wanted to say, "remember that time when..." only to realize I hadn't met Sarah before the beginning of the week! Thank you for challenging us in so many areas! Photography! Knowing ourselves! Working out! Cooking a meal! Thank you for the once in a life time experience, Sarah!

Before I wrap this post up, here are some pictures from the week!

Just your run of the mill view of Nashville. Right out side Sarah's window. No big deal.

To really capture the true essence of our group, I ought to post a picture of us pigging out on hummus. Haha!

Coming to a store near you: Apple Sauce (aka M.A.S.H. meets Apples to Apples).
We basically laughed for two hours straight while playing our new game. If you ever need to create a gangster name, this is definitely the way to do it... it is how we and came up with all of ours!!
Sarah = Mama Beezy Soft
Kay = Luscious Kay
Kristen = Virtuous Kris
Megan = Lil'Smelly
Me = Sha'Cheezy

One of Sarah's friends had two my most favorite type of dogs ever! French bull dogs! I am in love!

Megan's first sushi experience!

FYI - Kristen doesn't always wear abnormal headwear when we go out in public. ;)

Miss you girls!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello & Good bye!

I want to welcome you to my blog and sadly say good bye to Nashville (for now)! I had the privilege of doing a photography internship with the talented Sarah Barlow along with three other great girls/interns - Kristen Booth, Megan Colleen, and Kay Lynn. Sarah let us crash her place and enjoy the AWESOME views of the Nashville skyline, but most importantly she taught us what she's learned in the photography business during the past five years. It was a fantastic way to learn and she gave me so many helpful tools! And as the cherry on top, we had a blast doing fun things like filming crazy music videos in the parking garage and laughing hysterically for an hour straight while playing Applesauce (aka Apples to Apples with a twist).

It's rather lame to start off my blog without a picture in my first post but currently I am waiting for my connecting flight in the Phoenix airport and my hard drive with all the pictures is in checked in my suitcase.... Pictures to come soon! I can't wait to share them with you :)

Yours truly,
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