Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aaron & Amanda {Solano County engagement session}

What could be better than spending all morning shooting a picture perfect couple who are completely in love?? Basically, NOT MUCH! I had such a fantastic time doing this engagement session with Amanda & Aaron, the time just flew by! They are such naturals in front of the camera, I can't even handle how excited I am for their May wedding!

Aaron & Amanda as a couple makes the most sense in the world. It may sound cliche, but they were definitely made for each other. There was no denying it as I spent the morning with them. During their relationship they have had to spend time apart, as both of them have served in the Air Force, so you can see just how much they appreciate just being with each other.

This session is unique because it's practically two engagement sessions in one because we shot at two awesome places! We started off the engagement session at Linde Lane Tearoom in Dixon, a place I have take photos of before, but not with a gorgeous couple! And for the record, WAY more fun with people! :) A big THANK YOU to the Tea Room gals for letting us shoot there.

Enough gabbing, onto the good stuff! As you will see I had a hard time narrowing down which pictures to blog, but I ended up deciding, it's my blog, I shall blog however many I want! :)

Living in California may have some drawbacks such as high taxes, high cost of living, crazy laws & politicians... but you sure can't beat the weather!! While most the country was freezing & getting snowed on, we had this beautiful 75 degree February day without a cloud in sight! I think I even had to use my air conditioning on the way home from the shoot!

Oh and PS, I pretty much love everything about this picture...

Because of their service to our country, Amanda had the brilliant idea to incorporate our country's flag into the shoot!

One of my new favorite photos!

Okay, does it get anymore more romantic than this? I think not.

Amanda, you are stunning!

Thanks you two for being extra wonderful! :)

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Monday, February 14, 2011

One of my favorite Love Stories :)

In honor of Valentines Day, I thought I'd share one of my very favorite love stories...

It started off with a California boy taking a trip with his buddies to Hawaii to celebrate his 21st birthday. One rainy afternoon the guys found their way to a little bar in the International Marketplace to listen to some live music. Here's where it starts to get good... Walks in a tall, blond, gorgeous girl. She was there in Waikiki on "holiday" with her brother, escaping the snow back home in Calgary, Canada. Well, California boy started making bets that this pretty thing was there with either: A-her new husband, B-her fiancee, or C-her boyfriend...

It just so happened that Canadian girl noticed this fine looking group of boys. Her & her brother ended up moving closer to the band so that, as she claims, they could "here the music better". Of course, the boys were conveniently close to where the band was playing. One thing lead to another and California boy ended up talking to Canadian girl. California boy asked as soon as he could slip it in, "So, who are you here with?" And in reply Canadian girl let him know she was definitely there on holiday with her BROTHER! (she emphasized the brother part) Once California boy got this bit of good news there was no turning back. After seeing each other a couple more times in Hawaii, these two love birds kept in touch - and this was pre-facebook, pre-email, pre-texting, and pre-cellphones...

After a lot of letters, phone calls, and a few long distance visits they decided to make it official. Canadian girl left all her family behind and made the big move to the USA. A wedding & a few years later a bouncing baby girl came along, who is of course, yours truly! :)

It just goes to show you that no matter where you are & what the circumstances are, God will bring that perfect person into your life. Even if it's while you're visiting a tiny island drinking Mai-Tais on a rainy day in paradise.

Mom & Dad thank you for giving my such a beautiful example of true love. Your dedication & self sacrifice to each other means so much to me! I love you! :)

A little photo I snagged of them while they were all dressed up for a Christmas party. Looking sharp Mom & Dad!
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