Saturday, February 11, 2012

Schulz Family {Sacramento Family Photoshoot}

When taking pictures of 10 month-olds, you never know how well they will cooperate.  Well with 10 month old Liam, you couldn't have asked for a more cooperative & happy baby!  Added bonus - he's super adorable!  Quite the little model for sure.  I had a great afternoon enjoying the beautiful February weather with Liesl and Jeff and baby Liam of course.  I love watching Jeff & Liesl with Liam, they such great parents!

Look at those eyes!  They are so unique!  I think they are three different colors.

 Does it get any cuter than baby boys in "old man" clothes?  Nope it sure doesn't!

Liam, you seriously need to be in a Baby Gap ad! 


Loved him grabbing onto Daddy's leg :)  Somebody is going to be walking soooon!

I'm too cute for my shirt, too cute for my shirt… 

I am in love with this photo. 

And to wrap things up, this last one just goes to show you that being an adorable baby is hard & tiring work.  

Thank you guys for such a fun session!  :)

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