Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Linde Lane Tearoom {Dixon Tea Room}

Dixon's newest restaurant is one of my favorite things ever - a Tea Room! I've always LOVED going to tea rooms and have traveled to various ones in Northern California so I was thrilled when I heard that one was coming to my hometown! And I have to say it's the nicest one I've ever been to.

Linde Lane opened it's doors in July and a couple weeks ago I went by to take some pictures and for tea of course! :)

They did a fabulous job on the decor, they really went above and beyond. There are different themed "rooms". Here is the glam Princess Room.

And here we have the Parlour Room

And the adorable Teddy Bear Room

There isn't a bad seat in the house!

One of the highlights of the tea room is the Tea Cup table! How many people can say they've gone to tea while sitting in a tea cup, it's truly one of a kind.

No tea room is complete with all the delicious goodies that go so well with tea.

And after you've enjoyed your cup of tea be sure to take a look in their store, they have so much cute stuff!

If you are ever in the Sacramento area you definitely need to drop in at Linde Lane, you will not be disappointed! Click HERE to go to their Facebook page. Cheers!

***UPDATE: Please visit here for even more pictures of Linde Lane Tea Room PLUS an adorable engagement session all wrapped up into one! :)

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  1. Great Photos! Enjoyed tea and lunch there with two friends last Thursday and was mightily impressed with the ambiance and the food! A real find in Dixon and very unexpected....this from someone who has had High Tea at some of the best in England and in the U>S>

  2. Just enjoyed a delightful afternoon at the Linde Lane tea room with 10 wonderful friends from our Book Club. The food was fabulous. The scones were delicious. The wait staff was very nice and always ready to meet your every need or answer a question. The HUGE assortment of teas was amazing! We each chose a different one and had fun passing them around to taste. I HIGHLY recommend this for 2 people or 20! A real find in Dixon!

  3. my friend who lives in Dixon had heard of a tea room from a friend..a friend told a friend who told a friend. At any rate we found the Linde Lane Tea room and had a delightful lunch. The tea was wonderfully delicious, and the food was excellent as was the service. I am taking my daughter there soon.