Friday, August 20, 2010

Pryor Family {Sacramento family photoshoot}

I had the privilege of doing some very special pictures for the Pryor family. Because of everyone living in various states, and even a different country, this was the first time in about 18 months they were able to be under the same roof. Together at last! You won't meet a nicer bunch of people than this group! :)

Typically my photography studio is in the great outdoors :) but because of heat, the number of people, and a toddler, we decided our best bet was indoors with the A/C on. It was a bit of a challenge having to shoot around furniture and in limited space, but I enjoyed having a chance to get out of my comfort zone a little!

Bethany & Allen just moved back to the states after living in England! I know their family is very thankful to not have an entire ocean separating them now!

Little Parker was not too sure why everyone in the room was making such a big fuss about looking at the camera. But she did what she does best, looking cute! :)

I sure miss this family! Kelly, Shelly & the girls used to go to our church before moving to Idaho a few years ago so every chance I get to see them is awesome!

And I'll close with one of my favorites of the day, Rick & Nancy. Thank you for letting me take pictures of you and your beautiful family!

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  1. The first picture is an awesome group shot! :)