Monday, April 26, 2010

Impromptu Photoshoot

While in Nashville for the internship, the first photoshoot was supposed to be an engagement shoot but due to a misunderstanding it was last-minute rescheduled for the next day.... Soooo, not to waste an afternoon with cameras in hand, we did an impromptu shoot with Kristen, Sarah, and Sarah's good friend Jazz! Fun stuff! Kristen had us laughing our heads off because she pretended to be a stuck up model, fondly known as "Christy". I don't know HOW she managed to keep a straight face, which made it all the more hilarious! All funniness aside, this girl can really work that camera!

Sarah working her magic! :)

We decided to move to a more urban area to meet up with Jazz.
(I am still wondering why this girl doesn't model professionally!!! She's a natural!)

Work it, Sarah, work it!

Aren't these two just too cute?!
I'm so glad we the chance to do this fun, spur of the moment photoshoot!

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