Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hawaii 2012 {Vacation ~ Day 3}

Day 3
We started off Wednesday with a drive to the small town of Ele'ele for the Blue Dolphin Boat tour. After saying some hellos to the friendly cockatoo at the Blue Dolphin headquarters, we headed down to the dock to board our boat. Dad started off the tour with a lovely rendition of the Gilligan Island theme song and a few dolphins made their first appearance before we even left the harbor. The tour took us along the Na Pali Coast and it was absolutely breath taking. The blue ocean waters crashed up against the steep cliffs, it was like something straight out of the movies. And as a matter of fact many movies were filmed along this part of the coast - such as Pirates of the Caribbean and South Pacific to name a few. The Dolphins were definitely a highlight of the tour. They are so cute, they swim right up to the tour boats and play in the currents the boats create. I think Jessica was tempted to jump on one and never let go :)
There were a ton of whales out and we saw at least 10 different ones jump up and splash down into the waves. This one we passed was hanging out with her little baby. I wish she would have jumped for me - they have a funny way of knowing each time I had my camera ready because whenever I wasn't ready to snap a photo, they decided it was the perfect time to jump!
As the day went on the weather got a little dicey. The waves got bigger and the sky got darker. We even saw this guy forming in the area we had just left. Thankfully we found a calm enough spot to do our snorkling. Jessica and I were cold and not sure if we were up for it, but we are both glad we did! (even if my back did get a nice burn in the 20 minutes I was out in the water).
We grabbed some dinner at a burger place we had seen the day before - Bubba's. It was a nice kick back place to grab a burger and enjoy the view from the outdoor deck. I'm still a little sad that no one in our group ordered the Hubba Bubba - which includes: rice, burger patty, & a hot dog all smothered with chili. Maybe next time ;) We finished the day off with a drive into Hanalei Bay but by the time we got there it was too dark for any scenic photos. I'm excited to go back there when the sun is up!

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  1. Wow!! It looks like you are having a lot of fun! :) Love the dolphin photos!!