Friday, April 6, 2012

Hawaii 2012 {Vacation ~ Day 4}

Day 4
Thursday we woke to quite a bit of wind and sadly, a bit of "vog". (According to the ever trusty Wikipedia: "Vog is formed when sulfur oxides emitted by a volcano react with moisture to form an aerosol. The aerosol scatters light and so makes the vog visible.") We decided we wanted to try and find the warmest spot on the island to do some beach time & snorkling and that ended up leading us to Tunnels Beach. On our way to the beach we stopped for some amazing photo ops that weren't visible last night in the dark.
First up was an overlook of the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge. This guy was working on some awesome watercolor paintings.
Here is one of the infamous Kauai roosters! They roam the island everywhere you look. It's quite a funny "wild" animal to see all over the place.
Next stop was a quick shot of Hanalei Bay. I put together this fun Panaromic shot! (HERE'S the full size photo)
A pretty church in Hanalei...
After the photo ops, we reached our destination, Tunnels!
We had a great time snorkling and seeing all the amazing colored fish. There were tons of different varieties, and yes words such as iridescent and rainbow and neon were used to describe them :) Perhaps one of my favorite things we saw at the beach was this monk seal taking a snooze. He looked rather content and how can you blame him?
That evening we had dinner at Scotty's BBQ and we all enjoyed it. You couldn't beat the view, every table looked out at the ocean!
Good night for now!

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  1. Looks AWESOME! haha, at Scotty's BBQ, your mom is the only one who looks like she has a real smile.

  2. love it! See, isn't Kauai the best island of them all????!!!