Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hawaii 2012 {Vacation ~ Day 5}

Day 5
My Friday started off with a bagel & some adventure. My parents, Ricky and I headed off to find the rope swing my parents had been to on their visit here two years prior. We didn't realize it but the rope swing had actually been taken down because sadly, several people lost their life. Even though we didn't find the rope swing at the end of our trek, we still had some adventure none the less! Indiana Jones Jungle? Hunger Games?? The waterfall was amazing, I sure would have liked to jump into the pools below but I may have never made it out because the ladder was taken down. So instead I sat there taking photos while getting eaten by mosquitos ;) Upon returning to our car, we found a little surprise. Thank goodness for a handy Dad who can change a spare tire, even in swim trunks.
We had a few hours of down time so we spent it relaxing at our hotel. Can't beat this... Then we were off for our Bicycle Tour of Waimea Canyon with Outfitters Kauai!
On our way there we drove through the "Tunnel of Trees" - loved it! After demonstrating our biking skills for the tour company (we passed the "Can You Ride a Bike" test) we drove up to the canyon overlook (elevation 3400 ft). It was incredible - pretty much the Grand Canyon part 2!
Panoramic of Waimea. Full size photo HERE. Had to include this awesome flower one of our tour guides found. And then, it was time for the decent. It was pretty crazy, the roads were so steep that about 99% of the time you didn't have to peddle. We all road down the hills in a single file bicycle parade. The views were awesome and it felt amazing flying down the road. I actually felt like I was in several different countries on that ride down. Parts made me feel like I was in New Zealand (not that I've been there but at least how I imagine it), parts reminded me of Ireland or England, some reminded me of a South American jungle. Oh and I suppose some parts of it reminded me of Kauai ;)
Pit stop on our ride down... Definitely the most fun I've ever had riding 12 miles on a bike! :)
Oh and our tour guides Danny and Nick were THE best!
For dinner we grabbed some Puka Dogs! They're not your average hot dog. The polish sausages are covered by a sweet bun and for inside the bun you are able to choose from a number of different "relishes". I went for pineapple and banana and it was pretty darn good! Never thought I'd say that something with hotdogs & banana would ever be good but it was! Hope everyone is having a great Easter weekend!!
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  1. Sounds like such a fun day! I love that first photo. So sad about the people who lost their lives : (

  2. Chaucee ~ so sad! You wouldn't think some thing as recreational as a rope swing could cost you your life. :(