Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hawaii 2012 {Vacation ~ Day 7&8}

Day 7 & 8
I did a combo post for these two days because they definitely were the most low key days of the trip. A huge part of that is because day 8 we had to catch a flight home at noon so there wasn't much time to do much besides pack and eat breakfast! Day 7 (aka Easter Sunday!) was a relaxed day. It started out with a beauitful sunrise for the Easter Sunrise Service followed by us catching the last few rays of sun we could. That basically looked like us laying out on lawn chairs praying the clouds would go away then us dashing to the hot tub when the rain started coming down. After about 3 sessions of that we had about an hour of lovely sun, but after that nice break the clouds & rain were there to stay. We packed away the swim suits and decided to make the best of our last day, rain & all. We were very thankful to have as little rain as we did! Especially beacause the rain didn't interfere with any of the activities we had planned, so we felt very fortunate the weather cooperated as well as it did! And while it was rainy it was still in the 70's so it's not exactly winter weather. It is Hawaii after all :)

Easter Sunrise Service right on the lawn of the Kauai Coast Resort. Here's something I didn't even notice it until I was downloading the photos onto my computer. Anyone spot the white bird flying by? Interesting timing, eh? Here's the beach right after the sunrise. The colors were so vivid! Happy Hour at Keoki's Rain in Old Koloa Town... Some final farewells to the Ocean. I think Kauai was sad to see us leave. The feeling was mutual. So long Mr. Rooster!
Aloha until next time Kauai! Stay beautiful!

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