Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hawaii 2012 {Vacation ~ Day 6}

Day 6
We started off the day with breakfast at Kountry Kitchen (I had the macadamia pancakes with coconut syrup, yummm) and a little browsing in the Kapa'a shops. Oh and we also had a little birdy breakfast observation time. Our highlight of Saturday was a kayak & hiking tour in to see the "Secret Falls" with Rainbow Kayak Tours. The only way to get to the trail to see the waterfall was by the river. Jessica and I were paired up on a kayak - for better or for worse, haha. I didn't get very many action shots on the water because my camera was stowed away as far as possible from the river! Kayak parking lot! Right before the tour started we were advised that our shoes would not cut it as it had just recently rained and the trail was very muddy. This last minute shoe purchase were probably the best decision all day! Plus we looked that much more stylish! And so the hike begins! About 25% of the trail looked like this - super slick mud. It wasn't the norm, apparently some overnight rain had really mucked up the trail... It sure made the hike that much more interesting! Crazy roots!
After getting some very muddy feet - we made it! And look how amazing this waterfall is, it's a 110 ft drop! The hike back was just as beautiful as on the way, maybe even more so. Although it some how became slippery-er... On the way in, our group didn't take any tumbles but on the way out atleast 3 people slipped in the mud in about a two minute period.
Before we began our kayak trip back we made a pit stop at the rope swing. Dad and Ricky went for it! :) Cannon ball! :)

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