Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Girl S {1 Year Old Photoshoot}

Look who turned one!! My little "niece"! Well, technically she isn't my niece but she is my best friend's baby girl so it's close enough! It hard to believe that last summer I took these 4 month old photos of her & here she is, growing up and getting more adorable by the second! It's love to see how little guys change - and so fast.

I actually took these photos at the end of May, and since I live in a different state it is sure making me miss her!

You're the cutest little Miss S!

This one just melts my heart...

Come back here girly, I want to give you one more hug!

Oh and one more because I thought they were too cute/funny not to share...
Sometimes photoshoots can be pretty darn hilarious! And sometimes you're SO busy you can't get off that iphone... ;)

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