Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sara {Inspired Session}

Sometimes things just fall together perfectly. Sort of like this shoot. For starters, the dress was something I picked up at Goodwill a YEAR ago and it just so happened to fit the lovely Sara EXACTLY right. Then our original location we attempted shooting out didn't quite pan out as we hoped... After a few wrong turns we found our selves in a picture perfect location. Couldn't have picked a better spot if we tried. Everything flowed effortlessly from there (well aside from the mini-work out we got trying to get to the top of the trail before the sun went down!)

This photoshoot was just for fun and I absolutely loved how these images turned out. And it doesn't hurt that my wonderful friend Sara is absolutely GORGEOUS. Gorgeous x's 9,999,999,999,999.

Here is my take on all things summery, golden, romantic & beautiful. {and a wee bit of Anthropologie mixed in as well}

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  1. Oh my WORD, Shannon. These are absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I LOVE THEM!! MMmhmmm, beautifulllll.

  2. Shannon, these are beautious. The 3rd set from the top and the 4th from the bottom are my favorites.

  3. The last shot.... AMMMAAZZZIINNNNGGG!!!!Love them all though. Great work girl!! <3

  4. AMAZING!!! These are SO good!