Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WPPI 2012 ~ Las Vegas, NV

Once a year wedding & portrait photographers from all around the country - scratch that - all around the GLOBE, gather in Las Vegas for the biggest photography convention of it's kind!  16,000 photographers attended and this year I was able to be one of them - my first time!  And let me just say, it was awesome!  

I seriously wanted a few clones - one to sit in on all the amazing classes, one to attend all the fun parties & get togethers, and one to possibly help me stay caught up on sleep & eating!  But alas, I had to go without clones but I had a great time experiencing all of it.  I was able to hear some of my very favorite photographers speaking, including Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina, and Mike Colon.   I also got to hear Zach & Jody Gray speak and I seriously wish I could have taken their workshop!  One funny thing though, as we were headed to our room we happened to walk by Zach & Jody's workshop... 
As we were spying through the window, Zach ran over and shared a sneak with all us onlookers of an amazing "in-camera" shot! Next time I'll hopefully be on the other side of the glass!

And my trip to WPPI would not have been the same without my fantastic hotel-roomates!  Kristen Booth, Ty LaMothe, Faith Teasley, Krystal Morgan and I were constantly laughing.  Quite often the laughter was spurred on by either slices of bread making a 26 story nosedive off the hotel balcony or planking on the hotel's moving walkways.
Seriously though, these girls were a blast and by some miracle, there were hardly any bathroom-sharing problems - pretty amazing for 5 girls & one bathroom!

Kristen & I attended some ROCKING parties, one being Airplanes & Blazers and the other (my personal favorite) was Prohibition Rebellion.  I loved the Prohibition Rebellion party because costumes were not only encourage, they were required!  The theme was 1920's and the venue, the Artisan Hotel, couldn't have been more perfect! I tried to take a few photos of it on my iPhone but it wasn't doing it justice, you should definitely check out their website HERE.  I've decided that (cool) costume parties are my new favorite thing!

I was able to sit in on a few Showit United Classes, but once again, a clone would have come in so handy because there were so many that I missed simply because there wasn't enough time.  Showit is such uniquely awesome company!  They decided to put together 3 days of talented speakers all for FREE simply because they wanted to unite & encourage the "Showiteers" that use their website software.  So here's Showit, having this amazing software, then they go and put on this amazing conference!  The Showit Crew are some cool cats.

On our final day we decided, we better take some photos of each other!  What better time than to take some photos than when you are surrounded by a bunch of photographers!  What started as a normal photoshoot somehow turned into all of us taking turns jumping around like we were CRAZY, all while holding on to our cameras.  It resulted in some hilarious photos!

Faith got a shot of Kristen & I being photographers - Matrix style... haha!

I guess I ought to include a few of us looking somewhat normal :)

I had such an amazing time.  I met SO many amazing photographers and learned so many things that I cannot wait to put into practice!  WPPI you were awesome!
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  1. Wow! The planking on the walkway is absolutely PRO!

  2. wow, looks like you had soo much fun--the Matrix shot is my fav--we'll have to plan a time to do a shoot for Ranger and Saylor's 4 & 6 year old photos!!

  3. Amazing recap!! :) Makes me miss you guys!