Monday, November 28, 2011

Kingsbury Family {Dixon family photography}

The Kingsbury family is super special to me because they were some of my very first clients! This session has long been in the works because it was very important to Kirsty to do a family photo with everyone together, and up until a few months ago part of the family lived in Texas. Thankfully they are all together again and we were able to get everyone together. This family will have a few more faces added to it before too long, Kirsty & Cassie are both expecting baby boys next year!
Next we have all the lovely ladies. It's a good thing a couple of baby boys are on the way, they will help balance things out! :) And here we have the handsomest ones of the group :) We couldn't pass up the chance for some family shots.
Kris & Kirsty and Taylor (plus baby boy on the way!) Ryan & Cassie and Emma (and of course the other baby boy! These cousins are going to have a best friend from birth!) Grand Daughters are a wonderful blessings! :) Taylor could definitely become a full fledged model. She has been in front of either my or Kirsty's camera practically from the day she was born! You just can't help taking photos of her, she's too adorable! Emma looks a little bigger than the last photos I took of her. And what a cutie she is! Missy & Kay have too much fun together. Can't you tell? :) Robert & DeeDee, I just love these of you two. Thank you Kingsbury family - it was fun! :)

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