Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to K&J!

Last week my "little" sisters, Katie & Jessica turned 21! Sometimes I still think I'm 21, how did I get so old? Hopefully now that my sisters are 21 I'll be able to remember I'm a couple years older than that! haha

We went to an awesome restaurant in downtown Davis called Bistro 33. We were blessed with a beautiful spring evening & sat out on the patio. We all had a great time enjoying wonderful company, delicous food, and celebrated two wonderful girls I've been thankful to know these past 21 years! Love you Katie and Jessica!

Decisions, decisions....

Birthday Girl #1 (aka Katie)

aaand Birthday Girl #2 (aka Jessica)

Happy Parents - they survived 21 years of twins! ;) And my beautiful Grandma looking on as Katie opened her birthday card.

As you get older, the drinks get "prettier" ;)

Cheers to 21 years of double trouble!

And the perfect end to an evening...

Something chocolately and making a wish :)

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  1. There must be a mistake Shan, I'm pretty sure K & J are 12. Otherwise I'm getting old!

  2. mmmm...bistro33. the drinks look yummy!