Monday, November 22, 2010

Ashlyn & Rose {Dixon Photoshoot}

I had such a fun time doing this photoshoot with Rose & Ashlyn! Rose and I go way back... She took my senior pictures when I graduated high school and not long after, I started working for her doing everything from office work, editing, deliveries, and even the occasional assistant at a photoshoot. You could definitely say she was a huge part of helping me discover my love of photography! :)

Rose and I have been trying too coordinate a session for a while now and the weather finally decided to cooperate! Ashlyn is just over 6 months and she honestly could not be any cuter!

Ashlyn, you are such a happy, adorable baby!

I love seeing Rose with Ashlyn. There is no denying that she loves that baby girl to bits. It's the sweetest thing!

DJ stopped by for a little while so I was able to snag a couple family pictures :)

This is what being excited for Fall looks like! ;)

Thank you so much for asking me Rose, I had a great time with you guys as always! :)

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