Thursday, September 30, 2010

David & Tova {Portland Trash the Dress}

This past weekend I such a fun time flying up to Portland to meet up with my cousin, Tova and her husband David. (Tova has a hilarious BLOG btw, you definitely should check it out after looking at these beautiful pictures of her! One of her recent posts is all about our TTD shoot)

Some people have heard of Trash the Dress shoots and about the same number of people haven't. Let me explain for those who haven't... When you hear Trash the Dress (dress as in wedding dress) some people are quite horrified that you'd ruin something so beautiful, but that's not really the case! Nothing that a good dry cleaning can't take care of :) It's basically a golden opportunity to take some more adventurous pictures (however adventurous you may be) after you wedding day is over! (be it the day after your wedding, or months/years later...the options are endless people!)

Oregon is not known for it's sunshine, but Tova & David are starting to have a special skill of getting picture perfect weather whenever they have a photographer taking pictures of them. Not a bad talent to have. Saturday was no exception, we had the nicest weather which allowed us to get so many amazing images. I have had the hardest time narrowing the post down to these pictures....

I love the tenderness of this one, there's no denying that these two are so in love!

You look stunning Tova!

After some Oregon forest amazingness we moved onto the coast. We walked through the cute little town of Seaside to get down to the beach. The whole town definitely thought Tova & David had just gotten married - I love seeing people's reactions to a bride & groom out and about, they get so excited! :) With that being said we didn't have the heart to tell some of them that they had actually gotten married back in March, so Tova & David practically had a bonus wedding day. Nice!
Anyway, back to the coast. I could shoot on the beach everyday and probably never get tired of it!

Here's where things got crazy fun! We got to get wet!

I thought there was something so romantic about these next two...

Lastly, we finished up the day back in the forest. I am loving this shot of David. Can somebody say 'studly'?!

Straight out of a fairy tale. And after growing up with Tova, I know that Tova and I do love our fairy tales :)

Tova was up for anything!! Even wading through a creek in her wedding dress!! Love that! And I love these as well...

Thank you so much for asking me Tova, it was such a fun time! You and David are made for each other, and I love you both!

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