Wednesday, July 14, 2010

XXIII - birthday post!

Well yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year - my birthday!!! I turned 23, getting so old! ;) I was so thankful to spend the day with people I love so much! Did some of my favorite things... went to Starbucks. Chocolate crossiant for breakfast, thank you very much.

Then my best friend Michelle treated me to a pedicure, the massage was heavenly!!

In the afternoon we found some antique & thrift stores to poke around in. I wanted to stuff everything into my pockets and take it home!!

The evening ended with a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants ~ PF Changs!!

Mr. Chang himself! ;)

The only downer was that I have a bit of a cold so that was pretty lame to not feel 100% on my birthday. Thankfully it didn't effect my appetite so I was able to partake in all the yummy food. One of my favorite ways to celebrate just about anything is with food! :)

And in honor of turning 23, I thought I'd give you 23 fun facts about Shannon....

1. As mentioned, food is my friend! I love to eat! I actually am a little disappointed when I'm not hungry because I enjoy eating so much! haha!
2. I desperately want to get a French Bulldog one day. They are too adorable & I must have one.
3. I wish I always had a freshly brewed pot of English Breakfast tea just sitting there for the taking. I could drink it all day long.
4. Speaking of tea, I love tea cups, tea sets, tea parties... basically anything tea related. I just can't bring myself to like coffee. Not even the smell.
5. I've been known to take long showers but I think I've definitely improved my time over the years. For the most part.
6. I have lived in the same little old town my whole life. All 23 years of it.
7. I love traveling. Actually it's more like, I LOOOOOVE traveling. Hopefully the next year I will be able to go to some exciting places :)
8. I've never really liked being tall.
9. My middle name is Marie, which is my Grandma's name.
10. I potty trained myself when I was two.
11. I would have to say my favorite movie is The Patriot. But some runners up are Pride & Prejudice, Remember the Titans, and The Prestige.
12. I've never been able to do a cart wheel. Not a one.
13. I share the same birthday (July 13) as Julius Caesar. And with the whole month of July being named after him I find that pretty nifty!
14. Haven't met a roller-coaster I'm not willing to try.
15. I wear a contact in one eye.
16. Coloring books are way under-rated. Give me a Disney Princess coloring book, markers, and about three hours & I'll be one happy camper :)
17. When I was little my cousin Tova & I would dress up like Dorothy because we both loved Wizard of Oz. Ruby slippers & everything. (PS go check out her BLOG, it's basically the highlight of my day!!)
18. Quite often I daydream about living in a different era...
19. I can gleek and put it to good use at times.
20. I've always loved vintage/antique things. Particularly books, trunks/chests, & tea sets.
21. I'm a sap when it comes to romance. Perhaps I blame this on fairy-tales, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
22. I am so thankful that my mom isn't as sick as she was last spring.
23. I have the best family & friends a girl could ask for. I feel SO blessed :)

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1 comment:

  1. I loved this possst!! Looking at those pics of the antique store made me want to go again right this second!
    I have to say that it felt like my bday on your bday, because what you did is what i would've done for my bday. so fun!
    love ya sista!