Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Katie's "High Tea" Bridal Shower

For my sister Katie's bridal shower my cousin Tova wanted to throw what we thought would be an "easy" tea party themed bridal shower. That turned into quite the affair that 60 lovely ladies attended. It took a bit of work but the results were lovely! :)

Katie & Allison (one of Katie's bridesmaids)

We asked all the women to write some "Words of Wisdom" for Katie to read. The most popular advice was "Never go to bed angry with your spouse". Got that Katie?

I haven't mentioned any of the food yet, and ooooh the food...! My sister Jessica, who is a pastry chef, was a HUGE help in that department. She made scones, brownies, jam tarts, and cream puffs!

To die for!

Hungry yet??

Tova's friend Liesl was a big help with the prep! And she looks rather charming in this hat I must say! :)

Katie is going to make a beautiful bride!

Such devoted sisters :)

Tova thanks for coming down from Eugene and throwing this shower for Katie, it was splendid!


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  1. Wow your family is so creative! I love how you all jumped in to help throw such a cute party. Those pastries look delicious!

  2. Those pics are truly AWESOME! Beautiful. I wish I could have hired you to photograph my wedding!!

  3. loooooooove it! you guys threw an awesome bridal shower...THANK YOU!!

  4. Great shots Shannon. Looks like it was lots of fun.