Friday, June 24, 2011

Grandest of Pianos {Napa photography}

A beautiful Friday in June I headed to Napa to do a different sort of photoshoot. It didn't involve babies or couples or families... but it still held so much meaning. Let me back up a little. I received a sweet email from Shanna and she described to me an idea she had for a gift for she wanted to give her mom, Susan.

You see, 18 years ago when her mom became engaged to her Step-dad, Dennis, he gave her a beautiful, white grand piano as an engagement present - and most guys just stop at the ring! ;) Tragically, Dennis passed away about 10 years ago. In his memory, the piano has been beautifully displayed in Susan's home. Presently, Susan is selling her house because of circumstances out of her control which sadly means the piano has to go to storage for an undetermined amount of time. Due to space limitations in the new place, there most likely will not be room to display the treasured piano.

And here is where Shanna's idea came in... Even though her mom may not be able to display the actual piano, why not capture a photo of it that her mom can always have with her no matter where life takes her. So that is exactly what we did! :) From the sunlight pouring in from the windows, to the amazing bird-of paradise (Susan's favorite flower) picked right from the garden, it was perfect! I hope the photos are able to bring to mind many wonderful memories whenever they are looked upon.

There is special significance in that little cowboy boot. Dennis & Susan won it during a square dance competition!
Love it :)

Shanna, thank you so much for contacting me, it was a pleasure to work with you! And I still think it's a good thing you are an only child because I think you definitely may have earned #1 daughter spot!

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  1. What a sweet gesture and a gorgeous piano!

  2. woowoo those are my favorite type of flowers. I love birds of paradise. These are beautiful