Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sheldon Kids {Davis family Photoshoot}

There's something I love about taking pictures of little kids. They (usually!) aren't worried about how their hair looks, what their friends will think of the pictures if they smile the biggest smile they can muster, & they're not afraid to be themselves with a camera pointed at them (although some do put on more of a "show" than others haha!). Well the Sheldon kiddos are no exception! I love seeing their smiling faces whether or not I have my camera! :)

First we will start out with a familiar face, little Miss Piper. You don't have to ask her twice to smile for you. She is seriously way too cute for her own good! ;)

Next we have sweet Saylor. We got a lot of smiles & giggles out her, although she isn't a fan of looking at the camera. But I like a bit of a challenge & I just love these shots of her!

Now let me introduce the handsomest of the group, Ranger! He is such a funny guy, always saying the cutest things & making me laugh. With him wearing his awesome little suit I felt like I was shooting an ad for the J Crew catalog or something of that sort, loved it! He is definitely 100% boy, hence the appearance of sticks in the first shot. (haha)

His serious side ;)

We wrapped up the afternoon with a shot of all three. How cute would it be to take a picture of the three of them on this same bench a few years from now...!

"I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite." - Buddy, Elf

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  1. That little boy is going to be trouble with the ladies when he grows up! All 3 are so cute!

  2. Oh they are adorable!! Awesome photos! I love the bench idea, too!! :)

  3. The two black and white photos of the girls. I love! And he looks like a little man. So cute!